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RP Log Part 1: Severus/Remus PG13 - The Journal of Severus Snape
RP Log Part 1: Severus/Remus PG13

      There is a quiet rustle that rouses him from his work. If his fingers felt cold all of a sudden, he does not acknowledge it. Nor does he acknowledge the awakening of his - unwanted, as he tries to convince himself - guest.

      The speed of his writing does not change as he listens to the other man groan. Or so he tells himself.

      "What-- this isn't my room." The confusion in the other man's voice makes him want to roll his eyes. A few quiet moments pass with only the sound of his quill scratching on parchment announcing his presence. A few more rustling is heard and then,


      He stops writing then, merely staring at the parchment in front of him. He cannot understand the student's penmanship all of a sudden, and this makes him want to singe a hole right through the parchment with his glare. Ignoring the other made the room too quiet, however, and unpleasantly so. Resigning himself to the inevitable, Severus pushes his chair back as he picks up his wand. He points it at the armchair across the room, bringing it beside the bed for him to sit on.

      It will be a cold day in Hell if he is to sit on his own bed when its occupant is Remus Lupin.

      "Finally woke up, I see," is all he can think of saying. Insults and semi-insults - he is safe with those.

      "Ah, yes. About that," Lupin's voice is scratchy, and he clears his throat. He looks around again. "I was just-- Severus, am I in your room?"

      The Potions Master presses his lips at that, not liking how the words sound. Still, "Yes."

      Lupin nods, as if in understanding. If anything, this only aggravates the Slytherin professor even more. "I see," says the werewolf, not sounding bothered by this knowledge at all.

      "How did you get here?" A better question would be why, but Severus restrains himself from asking. Knowing Lupin...

      "That was my next question, actually," answers the other with an amused smile. "I really cannot remember anything right now. All I remember is the full moon rising and...well, need I say more?" Seeing that the other isn't planning on saying anything, he continues, "I really do not remember anything that happens after I transform. I just wake up in places I'm sure I did not intend to go to." He stops, his eyes glinting in the low candlelight as they fix themselves on Severus. "This, however..."

      "Can you feel your leg?" the Potions Master cuts in, not pleased with the tone the other's voice took, nor the look in his eyes.

      Lupin stops at that, blinks, and his eyes fall on his leg. For a second it seems that he expects his legs to not be there, and by the look of relief that passes that tired face, it would seem that under these situations, such a thing is highly probable.

      "I feel fine, although," he makes a series of taps on his left leg, the limb still under the blankets. "It does feel numb."

      Severus nods. "As it should. The pain of the wound alone will render you unconscious yet again if you are to feel it fully. I gave you a potion to ease the feeling from that leg to your ankle," he pauses to give the said body part a look of disdain, "which, I have to inform you, you have significantly strained after walking on it when you probably twisted it somewhere."

      A look of resignation passes through Lupin's face as he peers inside the covers, taking note of his bandaged leg, as well as the several other bandages on his arms. He stops his inspection upon reaching his right sleeves, however, and the glint and amusement are back in his eyes. "I'm clothed," he says, and he laughs as if he finds humor in that realization.

      A vein twitches under Severus' eye and he bites his tongue to stop himself from saying anything scathing. "Of course. Do you expect me to allow you to lie on my bed without clothes on?"

      He only realizes the idiocy of such a question when Lupin's grin widens. "Well, now that you mention that, I was hoping--"

      "Get some sleep," cuts the Potions Master, standing abruptly, pushing the armchair back. "I shall be in my office if you need anything."

      The bedridden professor looks at the passageway beside the books shelves warily before looking back up at Severus. "Where do you sleep?"

      "I transfigured a bed."

      "I am staying here, then?"

      Severus grunts irritably under his breath. "Unfortunately."

      "It's your bed," Lupin points out.

      "And you have claimed it for nearly two days. I believe I shall survive a few more days." He regards the other man with a look and a raised eyebrow. "If you prefer the floor, I am not adverse--"

      "How long do you plan on keeping me here?" Tipping the scale on his side once again, the insufferable Gryffindor.

      Severus glares at him but refuses to take the bait. "Once you are healed."

      Lupin smiles. "Ah, yes, healed. A common topic for us, Healing. I'm afraid we're even now," he says this almost sadly.

      Severus contemplates on pointing out that what he's doing is far more than what Lupin had done for him, but that may raise more questions than its worth. He lets it slip. He starts to walk away again, but Lupin's voice stops him mid-step.

      "You have a big bed, Severus," he remarks with a slight smirk, his eyes intent on the other. Severus glares at him and disappears behind the bookshelves.
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